The first time I saw him he was so musical and lively that I named him Wolfgang Mozart which was shortened to Wolfie. 

17 years ago he was found visiting Lake Arrowhead's open garages begging for food. He was a juvenile that had anklets left on him from a falconer's attempt to train him. It obviously didn't work so he released him. 

We tried to rehab him but he didn't recognize prey as food. He was every animal's friend. When we left him with a small flock of pigeons, hoping he'd be interested in a meal, the next morning we found him sitting among them, happy with his new friends. He was a lover, and not a killer!  

When mating season returned each year, he courted all of the female's that cared for him. He'd build a nest and fly down with a flower or a leaf in his beak to offer at our feet. He had lost Scarlet, his mate for life who had been released back into the wild.

He was quite the showman at all our educational programs. He would lift his head upside down and sideways and look backwards at the audience causing much laughter. He'd rouse his feathers and eat a rat on his perch to the delight of children. He was a gentle, loving bird of prey.  

He was the soul of Wildhaven. We gave him care and respect and love, he gave us joy and a connection to his healing spirit.

The last time I saw him he was doing what he loved most, bathing in the sunshine of the day. He is still reflecting that light, even now. Goodbye dear friend, we will never forget you.