Mission & Purpose

Wildhaven’s mission is to preserve the wildlife indigenous to the San Bernardino Mountains and to leave a valuable heritage to our future generations.

Wildhaven Ranch purpose is to provide a protective environment where non-releasable wild animals can live out their lives in safety and peace.

Wildhaven’s goal is to serve as stewards of God’s creation through rescue, protection, and conservation of its wild creatures; and in doing so, bring further fulfillment of mankind by experiencing part of the relationship The Creator had in mind between man and animal.

Educate & Offer Life Changing Experiences

With our native wildlife species, each with their own story and history, and their biographical information, we strive to offer the best in education. From Exhibit Tours, Bear Watches, Bears With Us Presentations; Internship Programs; Wildlife Classes; Nature Walks and Flora and Fauna Classes, Wildhaven opens up the mysterious world of the wild to public and private guests.

Service to Wildlife: Our trained staff assist injured and orphaned animals to heal, be raised, and be given a lifetime protected, encapsulated natural ecosystem for “non-releasables” giving their lives meaning through wildlife professionals and students involved in observation research.

Service to National Forest: The Ranch, as a sanctuary, provides a safe place, and protective environment to nurture, restore and preserve our wildlife in their ecosystem; to reinvigorate the flora; and aid in giving options to animals that can be sent back into the wild.

Service to Community: Thousands of phone calls yearly are directed to proper assistance for wild animal interaction between residents, or visitors and wild ones that may be in uninvited, compromising positions in attics, build-ups or ponds or boats.

Service to Visitors: The Ranch engages guests during guided encounters with our Animal Ambassadors to learn the relationship between animals and forest, and gain an appreciation of the need to protect these natural resources.

Wildhaven Ranch Needs Volunteers!

Ages 16 to Seniors!

For more information call:
(909) 337-7389 or (909) 337-1391.

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How You Can Help!

Wildhaven is expensive to run, especially in the winter months. Our goal is to raise enough money to cover about one-half of our operating costs for the year to cover the basics.

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