Donating appreciated assets to The San Bernardino Mountains Wildlife Society, aka, Wildhaven Ranch can have several tax advantages. First of all you may not have to pay tax on unrealized appreciation. Secondly you may get to deduct the entire sales price from your taxable income for the year when the asset were sold. This applies to any asset upon which a value can be determined: real estate, collectables, vehicles and other assets.

Another program which can support Wildhaven Ranch is a charitable remainder trust. By setting aside assets in this program, you can receive the income from your assets for as long as you live and upon your demise the remainder of the trust goes to support the wildlife at Wildhaven Ranch.

Still another way to support Wildhaven and meet your obligations at work is to designate Wildhaven as the beneficiary of your annual Fall United Way campaign in November of each year, or similar employee programs. That way your donation comes out of your paycheck each pay period and is directly mailed to Wildhaven. Many major employers will match your gift actually doubling your contribution.

Neither Wildhaven Ranch, its volunteers, employees or board members can give you tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax or legal professional to see how these programs may apply to your situation.

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Wildhaven is expensive to run, especially in the winter months. Our goal is to raise enough money to cover about one-half of our operating costs for the year to cover the basics.

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